Switching the primary earpiece from Right to Left

To switch the Primary earbud from Right to Left you need to pair the Left side to your phone and forget the Right earbud on your Bluetooth settings.

  1. Turn off both earpieces
  2. Go to your Bluetooth settings and on the list of Paired Devices select the information icon corresponding to Pilot-R
  3. Inside that menu select "Forget"
  4. Turn ON both earpieces at the same time by clicking the button on each earpiece for 2 seconds.
  5. Now only on your Left Earpiece press the button for 6 seconds until it blinks White and Red, that will get it into Pairing Mode.
  6. Go to your Bluetooth settings and connect to Pilot-L.

You can hear a confirmation from the device "Pilot Connected"

*Remember that for getting the earpiece into Pairing Mode you need to press the Button for 5 seconds until it starts blinking red and white. 

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