I can’t hear music from one of my earpieces

For Listen, Conversation and Phone modes you only need one earpiece. For music, you should be able to use both earpieces in stereo. Visit our article How to connect both earpieces together? for more instructions. 

If you have tried the regular connection and you are still having issues we can fix it with a quick reset of the earpieces with this easy steps:


1. Put both earpieces in the charger for 5
seconds, close the lid. Then remove them.


tws2web.gif            2. Simultaneously press and hold the button
on both earpieces for 3 seconds. The lights
should flash red and white


tws3web.gif            3. Press and hold the button on both
earpieces for 2 seconds, then release. Each
earpiece should flash red 3 times after release


tws4web.gif            4. The lights will blink red and white again
for 20 seconds, then they should both blink


 tws1_5web.gif            5. Place both earbuds in the charger for 5
seconds then remove them.


6. Turn both earpieces on, both should 
flash white, indicating that they're 
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