Why are my Pilot Smart Earbuds no longer functional?

The Pilot Smart Earbuds were the world’s first wireless earbuds to provide speech translation and wireless technology to interpret language. It was the culmination of years of development, and began shipping in late 2017. We're extremely proud of the system we created to usher in a new era of AI interpretation, however in April 2024 we discontinued service for the software.

While the earbuds will still support music streaming and other functionality, the language software has been shut off, and the app has been removed from the app store. All existing users have lost access to the software.

As our technology has evolved, it's important to migrate to the newest AI systems which we have built, and the Pilot software no longer meets our standards of quality. We sincerely thank our users for using the software over this period of time and apologize for any inconvenience.

For customers interested in AI interpretation software, we recommend our newest product, Forum for AI interpretation for lectures, meetings, events, and experiences

Signup at https://forum.waverlylabs.com.


Waverly Labs

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