How Pilot works


How Pilot Works

Pilot has two modes: Listen and Converse

Listen mode will interpret what you’re speaking back to you in your choice of languages. It’s an ideal use case for language learning, where the Pilot can be set to speak back to you in the language you want to learn. But just as exciting, you can also use Listen so that the Pilot automatically interprets someone speaking into your language. Listen mode uses a Bluetooth protocol that only allows you to use one earpiece. 



Listen allows you to listen to speech and
hear translations. Interpret your own
speech, or someone speaking nearby.


Listenᴮᴱᵀᴬ Tips

• Works best within 3 feet of speaker
• Look towards the speaker
• Translates only one language at a time
• Not suited for noisy environments or
multiple speakers.
• Not suited for use with music, TV, etc…

 Before starting make sure you have registered and turned on your earpieces. You can pause the listening mode by taping on the "tap to pause" area. 



Converse mode allows you to have a
seamless conversation with anyone.
Both users must have a smartphone
with Pilot Speech Translator installed.



You will initiate the conversation with
your smartphone.



Your partner will join by scanning the
conversation code.


Sharing an Earpiece

Share your secondary earpiece
with anyone and speak using the Pilot
Speech Translator App.


Sharing an Earpiece

Your partner pairs your secondary
earpiece to their phone via Bluetooth

Before starting, make sure you have registered and turned ON your earpieces. You can pause the listening or conversation mode by taping on the "tap to pause" area. 

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