Converse Mode

Converse Mode is ideal for having a dialog with someone by sharing the additional Pilot earbud included with your purchase so you and your guest can both speak to each other in your native languages. When you hand over the additional Pilot earbud to your guest, they will need to pair it with their phone and use our mobile app to participate in your conversation. We made the setup very quick for someone to jump into a conversation with you. Setting up a conversation takes less than one minute.



Converse mode allows you to have a
seamless conversation with anyone.
Both users must have a smartphone
with Pilot Speech Translator installed.




You will initiate the conversation with
your smartphone.

Ask your partner to download the
Pilot Speach Translator App. 

For group conversation, every member needs only one earpiece. The set up is identical to 1-on-1




Your partner will join by scanning the
conversation code. 



Sharing an Earpiece

Share your secondary earpiece with 
anyone and wait for your partner 
to pair it with their phone using 



Start conversation

You will get a confirmation once your 
partner is ready. Start the conversation.

Before starting, make sure you have registered and turned ON your earpieces. You can mute the conversation by taping on the "Microphone" icon. 




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